Barracuda Blue Blouse - by Bettina
The artwork is by Bettina, a Maui artist who's whimsical fish paintings caught my eye and deserve to be showcased here.

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This site is dedicated to the promotion of Pacific Island Seafood and other great things that can only be found in the captivating islands of Hawaii. Fishmonger Jo has been in the wholesale seafood industry for over 10 years locally and is now branching into the export side of the business. She hopes that you will find what you're looking for in these pages and hopefully you'll give her a call next time you need fresh fish from Hawaii.

Here we will be featuring Oahu eateries that serve fresh Hawaiian seafood, and we strongly encourage you to visit these fine restaurants as often as you can. We'll give you the scoops on what to order when you go there. Look for updates from the Fishmonger's Husband as the site will always be changing.

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